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GT VISION is a comprehensive approach to addressing crime through an understanding that drug abuse fuels crime and that effective long term crime fighting goals must include community-wide crime prevention efforts.  GT VISION stands for Gloucester Township Violence In Society Initiative Operational Network.  GT VISION is the police and community umbrella encompassing GT PIER, Project BATLE and Project MARRS which offers both proactive policing and long term reduction measures in combating drug use and its casual effects of crime.    

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GT BATLE Programs

Bullying Awareness Through Law Enforcement and is a comprehensive and community based approach to harassment, intimidation, and bullying and its associated consequences of substance abuse and violence through information sharing, preparedness, and response. The Gloucester Township Police Department has worked with all elementary and secondary schools in the community to dramatically improve the sharing of information concerning juveniles who have been taken into custody for a criminal offense or those that are under investigation for conduct that may involve bullying, crime, or violence.

Project BATLE strategy focus 3, GT FOCUS, involves the retention of a licensed social worker who will conduct a six week lesson for juveniles (1) Getting To know each other (2) Finding Other Choices, (3) Owning anger and other feelings, (4) Communicating within, around, and about family, (5) Understanding drug abuse and addiction, and (6) Social networking without consequences.

Project BATLE Strategy Focus 4, The Gathering Space, ensures juveniles have the opportunity to speak with a trusted adult. This program consists of a group session which takes place outside of the school environment for juveniles who simply wish to meet with a group of peers and a licensed social worker for discussion and support. These group sessions take place every other week and are approximately one and a half hours in length. The focus of the lessons is general human enrichment, community pride, anti-bullying, peer support development, and substance abuse awareness. The “Parent Club” – The parent club offers unique opportunity for parents to gather, share, support, and gain insight about the issues currently affecting our families. The “Parent Club” meetings are held bi-weekly and are facilitated by a licensed social worker.

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Project BATLE Strategy Focus 5, Handshakes not Handcuffs is a two hour group program for children under the age of thirteen who have had contact with the police or referred by a parent/guardian who is seeking general guidance or assistance for their child. The Handshakes Not Handcuffs Program takes place approximately four times per year based on need. Juveniles attending the sessions are typically be grouped by age range whenever possible. The facilitators of the program are a licensed social worker and a Gloucester Township Police Officer. The focus of the lessons is general human enrichment, community pride, anti-bullying, developing peer support, and substance abuse awareness

MARRS Project

Project MARRS which is a comprehensive approach to missing persons and runaway youth. MARRS acknowledges that today’s missing child is tomorrow’s victim – a victim often of drug abuse. A study in 2012 of 239 juveniles reported as missing to the Gloucester Township Police Department found that juveniles leave the home because they are witnessing substance abuse and violence or are the victims of violence and sexual abuse. Failing to address this issue is failing to prevent young people from becoming criminals. MARRS redefined the department’s procedures and now carefully screens every juvenile who has left home (run-away) and then returns. The components of MARRS identifies early at risk youth and both offers the services of the six week program GT FOCUS, and also notifies school officials of every juvenile who has left home so that they may be offered in-school services. 



GT PIER, Gloucester Township Prevention Information Enforcement Roundtable, fosters a climate with the police agency where officers and front line supervisors are involved in the process of planning and executing police operations and offering suggestions for programs and partnerships in an effort to combat all crime and drug abuse. Additionally, the “roundtable” consists of community stakeholders who will assist in developing programs aimed at reducing the demand for illegal drugs.

Contact Information for GT VISION Programs: or 842-5553


Center For Family Services

Center For Family Services is a nonprofit human services agency with over 90 years of experience serving youth and families in southern New Jersey. We provide a comprehensive continuum of care dedicated to changing the odds for children and families through prevention, intervention, and education. For information on any of our services, please visit or call 1-856-964-1990.

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