Gloucester Township Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) provides assistance to victims of domestic violence. Working with the local police department, volunteers are trained to provide comfort, education and referral services to persons and families in need.  Two programs offered by DVRT are:

  • Volunteers Of America-26 session Family Violence Prevention Program, 1 day a week for 13 weeks, 2 week break then 13 more weeks for completion. There will be 3 full classes for each year. This program can be court ordered by the Gloucester Township Municipal Court or voluntarily entered by an offender. The program has a priority on victim safety and batterer accountability.
  • Camden County Womens Center-Domestic Violence Victim Support Group, this is a 1 day a week for 50 weeks program. CCWC to provide a support group facilitator Licensed Social Worker/Master Social Worker. This is open to Gloucester Township residents that are victims of Domestic Violence, whether reported to Police or not. It is a confidential group, focusing on Prevention of Domestic Violence, Dynamics of power and control, services for special populations, safety planning, legal advocacy, and the effect on children.

The DVRT  is looking for volunteers to join the team. DVRT members undergo a 40 hour 10 week training program to prepare them as Crisis Intervention Counselors. If you are interested in volunteering for the team, call (856) 227-1234.


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