This unit assists the chief of police by administering and providing police oriented community services to the public, with the aim of  preventing crimes against persons and property and the gaining of support from the community for departmental policies and activities.

These functions include advising citizens and businesses on crime prevention methods and security matters, assisting in forming “Neighborhood Watch” groups and their participation in “National Night Out.” On National Night Out neighborhoods throughout Gloucester Township are being invited to join forces with thousands of communities nationwide for the Annual National Night Out (NNO) crime/drug prevention event.

The Community Relations Bureau keeps residents informed with our Community Notification System (Global Connect).  The Gloucester Township Police Department keeps you informed of important community events, media release information, traffic alerts, road closures, and community safety information.


The Gloucester Township Police Departments Citizen’s Police Academy is a free 10-week course overseen by the Community Relations Bureau. The course will include an overview of the police department and the administration, uniformed patrol, police communications, special operations, criminal investigations, youth criminal law and many other interesting topics. Also, all attendees of the Citizen Police Academy will be trained in the use of CPR for the home.

The Community Relations Bureau has several trained DARE officers that instruct the  5th  and 7th  grade DARE program.  Every week the students get a detailed lesson based on topics such as alcohol, marijuana and tobacco education.  The DARE officers focus on building the students’ self esteem and improving their decision making skills.  Recent additions to the DARE lesson plan are: bullying prevention, internet safety and prescription pill abuse.   Every Elementary School student from grades kindergarten to 4th grade in Gloucester Township will receive a SIP (Student Improvement Program) lesson.  The SIP lessons are instructed by our DARE officers.  The students receive lessons about our police department, danger stranger, medicine safety, community pride and bicycle safety.

The Community Relations Bureau also assists the Police Department with Career Opportunities.  Community Relation Officers attend numerous local job fairs and attend career days at local public schools to encourage those interested in the career of law enforcement to join the Gloucester Township Police Department.

You can contact the Community Relations Supervisor and/or Officer at 856-374-5735 or email



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