On 8/15/2013, at approximately 7:20 P.M. the Gloucester Township Police Department responded to the area of 18 Del Sordo Drive in the Erial section of the Township for a report of a hot air balloon attempting to make a unscheduled landing.
Officers arrived along with Gloucester Township EMS and Gloucester Township Fire District to find the hot air balloon stuck in a tree approximately 50 feet off the ground. After several minute the balloons pilot was able to free the craft from the tree and safely land on Del Sordo Drive with the assistance of fire personnel, GTPD and the ground crew of the balloon company. Along with the adult pilot, there was two juvenile passengers in the balloons basket. The pilot reported her landing was hampered by a thermo draft which resulted in the balloon being pushed into the tree.
There were no injuries from the occupants of the balloon or the ground crew. In addition there was no property damage resulting from this incident.


The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has established a “Next of Kin” Voluntary Registry, where driver’s can enter a “next of kin” for law enforcement to contact in the event of an emergency where the driver is incapacitated.
The Next-of-Kin Registry is a New Jersey statewide web based system that allows individuals at least 14 years of age to voluntarily submit and maintain emergency contact information through the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. This non-public information will only be used to by law enforcement officers to locate designated emergency contacts in an event that a person is involved in a vehicle crash that renders him or her unable to communicate.
The Next-of-Kin Registry was established in response to “Sara’s Law,” which was created in memory of Sara Elizabeth Dubinin from Sayreville. Miss Dubinin became unresponsive following a motor vehicle crash in September 2007 and lapsed into a coma before her parents could be notified and eventually passed away. The law sought to ensure that an emergency contact could be notified immediately in the event of a vehicle crash.
You will need to fill out the form with the applicant’s current zip code, driver’s license number (or identification card number) and his/her full social security number. Up to two emergency contacts may be entered with their first name, last name and primary 10 digit phone number. Emergency contacts must be at least 18 years old. Contacts may be changed and/or added at any time by logging into the registry.
To register yourself or your family members for the “Next of Kin” Registry go to: https://emvc.state.nj.us/MVC_NOK/AVSStart.jsp


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