The Gloucester Township Police Department began an active Bicycle Patrol program in 2010.  Having a police officer on a bicycle has multiple advantages.   It makes the officer more approachable to the public without the barrier of car doors and windows of a patrol car between the officer and citizens, allowing more for an informal interaction.  This public interaction reinforces the Gloucester Township Police Department’s commitment to community policing and the ability of working in a partnership with the residents we serve.  The bicycle also attracts young children to the officers, which creates a learning opportunity for safer riding discussions.


The bicycle also allows easier access and increased visibility to areas that a patrol car cannot, such as parks, trails, bike paths, off road areas, neighborhood alleys and apartment pathways.  This increases our patrol capabilities and mobility when it comes to locating and having contact with any people who are on foot away from vehicular travel.  The bicycle is low-key and gives the officer the opportunity to approach a situation without being observed and disrupting normal activity as a patrol car would while driving through a reported problem location.


The Bicycle Patrol assignment is an ancillary duty of patrol personnel.  Their times of operations vary and they can be seen during the day and night throughout Gloucester Township as well at various special community events.   Residents are always encouraged to meet with any of our GTPD officers to discuss any issues that they feel would make our community safer or simply for a friendly conversation.


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