The Operations Division is the largest organizational subdivision of the Gloucester Township Police Department that consists of the Patrol and Investigations Bureaus.  The Patrol Bureau is comprised of four platoons each commanded by a Platoon Commander with the rank of Lieutenant.  Each platoon has two squads of patrol officers that are supervised by two Deputy Platoon Commanders with the ranks of Sergeant.

Officers assigned to the Patrol Bureau work rotating shift work requiring them to work overnight and late evening hours regularly. The majority of officers from each platoon are assigned to a geographical area within the township known as a sector.  The number of officers assigned to each patrol sector varies and is based on data and workload analysis so that an appropriate number of officers can be deployed when and where the need is greatest.

Additional patrol officers are assigned to other areas of responsibility, such as the Watch Desk or Shift Investigator, during each tour of duty or “Watch.”  The Watch Desk is located in Police Headquarters is staffed by an officer who assists with prisoner security, fingerprinting, building security, prisoner processing, and taking phone calls or speaking with citizens regarding criminal incidents or police related questions.   The Shift Investigator is an experienced officer assigned to complete crime scene processing, evidence gathering, obtaining victim and witness statements for in-depth report writing and documentation of police investigations.

Patrol officers are also assigned to specific areas for crime surveillance, undercover operations, or plainclothes patrol where gathered intelligence has indicated this type of pro-active patrol will assist in suppressing and solving criminal incidents.  Patrol officers account for the vast majority of citizen contacts in their role as first responders. They further protect our community through their patrol function which assists in reducing the opportunity for perpetrators to commit crime or other unlawful behavior.


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