The holiday season is here and there are thousands of families that need your help to bring their missing children #HomeForTheHolidays.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the back-to-back days of deals, join us in kicking off the holiday giving season on #GivingTuesday!

This holiday season, our goal is to raise $50,000 to help bring missing children #HomeForTheHolidays and we need your help! Your gift can have a huge impact on reuniting families and all we do for missing and exploited children.

Ways to gear up for #GivingTuesday:

  • Donate Early and make your gift today!
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates.
  • Share this message with friends and family and give together.

We’ve got just one week left! Children and families are counting on us and we can do this together!

In a single year, there are as many as 460,000 reports of missing children in the United States.  These families spend every day fighting to bring their children home, and you can help. 

Please spread the word and stay tuned for more details about how you can give searching families hope this holiday season.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Charles B. Wang International Children's Building
699 Prince St.
Alexandria, VA 22314-3175
703-224-2150 | 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) |



Shop using a secure connection

Data can be at risk during transit if an attacker controls the network or uses packet-sniffing software. Protocols such as HTTPS, or secure Web browsing, encrypt communications, but in some advanced attacks even those could fall to a “man-in-the-middle” attack. Nonetheless, always look for the HTTPS “lock” symbol in your browser address window when performing an online purchase.

Use trusted vendors.

Any website can be attacked by hackers, but limiting your shopping to established and trusted vendors limits your exposure. Bookmark the most trusted online retail sites to make sure you don’t get redirected to fakes.

Don’t fall for ‘too-good-to-be-true’ deals.

Cyber Monday features a lot of incredible, legitimate deals offered by trusted mainstream retailers. But cybercriminals will prey on shoppers’ desire for the lowest prices and will try to slip in a lot of fake deals.

Plan ahead and don’t be rushed.

Cyberattacks take but a split second to occur sometimes all that’s required is clicking on a link in an email. Look for clues to malicious links, such as an extra “.cc” at the end of what would otherwise be a trusted domain name. Take the time to make sure you’re on the correct website.

Review credit-card and bank statements regularly during the shopping season.

If you find a transaction that doesn’t match your purchases, your account may have been compromised. If so, contact your bank or card issuer.

Use unique passwords and logon information for every site you visit.

Yes, it’s a pain to remember all those passwords. But if one of them is stolen, a cybercrook will try using it on other websites. Passwords should be as long as possible and contain a mix of upper- and lower-case characters, numbers, punctuation and symbols.

If you’re shopping from a tablet or smartphone on Cyber Monday, use a trusted vendor’s app, not a Web browser.

Vendors have more control over their own apps than they do over mobile browsers, which often don’t display the Web addresses of the sites to which you’re giving your credit-card information.

Never install software on your mobile device from a website link or code.

Software from locations other than the device’s official “store,” such as Apple’s iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store, has a greater chance of being malicious.,review-1956.html



The Gloucester Township Police Department will be conducting our first ever Stuff a Truck toy fundraiser.  Starting Thursday December 1st you can drop off unwrapped toys for those in need.  Our goal is to stuff a police truck that will be located in front of our police headquarters.

If you would like to drop off any toys please visit our watch desk officer at our Police Department, 1261 Chews Landing Road., and that officer will assist you in placing the toys in the police truck.

The Thanksgiving Food Dive was such a success we will also be collecting food for the month of December to donate to the Food Bank on Church Street.  There will be boxes set up through the municipal building to donate food items.

Both events will run until the week of December 23.


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